Creating World Class Coaches

The mission at Arsenal is to create a world-class group of coaches who lead our community with acceptance, love, and happiness to help our clients live their best lives possible through fitness and nutrition coaching.

We do not take the words “world-class” lightly. Before stepping foot on our floor to coach a class or lead a private training session, all of our coaches go through 100+ hours of learning, shadowing, and co-teaching.

When it comes to identifying coaching candidates we assess the person first and resume second. To us, community is everything and if we are going to ask someone to be a leader of our community we must ensure that they share the same values that we do. Teaching someone how to coach is easy. Teaching someone how to love, accept, and be empathetic is difficult.

Our Training Process:

All new coaches must participate in our Advanced Theory Course (ATC). This is stage one in which we teach the candidates the psychology of coaching, the foundations of CrossFit, and the leadership skills they will need moving forward.

After the 6-week ATC course is complete, we identify the best1 potential new coaching candidates to move on to stage 2. Stage 2 consists of shadowing our on-ramp sessions and eventually teaching our on-ramp sessions under the supervision of our Head Coach. Here our coaches get to put their knowledge to the test and teach new members how to move safely and efficiently.

Stage 3 consists of our potential new coaches going to the CrossFit Level 1 course and obtaining their official coaching certification.

Lastly, Stage 4 of our coaching process consists of shadowing our experienced coaches, then leading the warm-up and strength pieces with our coach, and lastly coaching our CrossFit classes under the supervision of our Head Coach.

Hours on hours later would we then announce that someone is ready to lead the members of Arsenal!

So what does this mean to you?

It means that at any given time our coaches are ready, willing, and prepared to help you reach your goals. It means that we want our coaches to understand the mission of Arsenal Strength and the values we hold above all else to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible experience.

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