A Mission to Change Lives

We want people who want to change. People who are ready to step out of their comfort zones and into something new. Something that will change the course of their lives forever if they trust the process and stay consistent.

My vision for Arsenal Strength is to change people’s lives through fitness and nutrition coaching and by creating meaningful relationships.

To me, coaching is scared. If you hold the title of a coach it means that you have a wealth of knowledge that you have a desire to pass along to others to enrich their lives. When someone hires you as a coach that means they trust you. They trust that you can get them from point A to point B and as a coach, it is their duty to deliver on that promise.

When a client entrusts us with their goals and invests their time and finances we commit to them fully and expect the same in return. We learned long ago that selling someone a monthly gym membership isn’t enough. If we are going to make true changes in their health and fitness and ultimately their lives we need to walk hand in hand to the promised land.

During our FREE INTRO process, the first question we always get is about rates and membership options. In the past, this was a much simpler answer because we took a one size fits all approach. However, over the years, we have learned that one size doesn’t fit all.

Some people need only personal training.

Others need personal training and group classes.

Others need personal training, group classes, and nutrition coaching.

When potential members meet with one of our coaches it becomes our job to create the ideal scenario that is going to change their lives for the better for years to come.

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