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Located in upper Lawrenceville minutes from the Pittsburgh Zoo, Highland Park, & Stanton Heights. Easily accessible from Route 28 and a half mile off the 62 St. Bridge on Butler St. The coaches at our gym are here to help guide you on your fitness and nutrition journey. Feel better and be amazed by your results.

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May 11, 2024
My experience is a bit unique. I met with Brooks to talk over some very specific goals I have and he told me that they are not the best place to assist me with my goals and referred me to someone else. If my fitness goals change and I want to do something more in line with what type of training they specialize in, I will not hesitate to go back because that kind of honesty and frankness is not always commonplace in the business world. He could've promised me the world and taken my money but he and his gym clearly prioritize honesty and customer satisfaction which I think is great.
Ross Thomson
Ross Thomson
November 21, 2023
Great place to get training. Brett is awesome and always makes sure this old man does not injure himself.
Joshua Rosenberger
Joshua Rosenberger
October 2, 2023
When I first started I learned that the workouts are in groups, which was my first time. The group setting was intimidating at first since I've only worked out by myself or with a friend before. I quickly learned that everyone is receptive towards one another, and that the trainers there will help you with your techniques during class to make sure you are not going to injure yourself and work with everyone at their level. The people here are supportive and I look forward to seeing the results. Prepare to be out of breath, and sweaty by the end of each and every class.
Sarah wrenshall
Sarah wrenshall
June 26, 2023
Everyone is so welcoming and friendly at Arsenal! The trainers are knowledgeable and super helpful. The community is fun and supportive. This gym definitely has good vibes!
Mia Singer
Mia Singer
December 9, 2022
Great programming, coaching, and community. Dropped in for a week and you can tell that the leadership and coaches at the gym work to build a great environment from the top down, and that the members are bought into it. Highly recommend if you’re visiting or living in the area

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