Wednesday, June 15

This workout has a similar stimulus to the day before, so you might find it hard to ‘push’ two days in a row. The Air Squats won’t take long, but will be enough that after a few rounds you will be breathing hard! This workout is really about the Push Press. The weight is set light for the Deadlifts and moderate for the Push Press. The Push Press are not intended to be able to be done unbroken, but you might be able to for a few rounds, or even all five. Scale accordingly to the intended stimulus.

[wod date=”2016-6-15″]

Beyond RXD

To be done 30 minutes before class

Push Press
Build across all sets up to a heavy single for the day.

For time:
30 handstand push ups (strict)
*10 min cap. If completed under 5 minutes, perform 50 strict HSPU instead.