Arsenal Gymnastics Course: Ring Dips

The Ring Dip is critical in the development of upper-body pressing strength. Specifically, the Ring Dip places the shoulder in extension, a position that is rarely addressed in training. Developing adequate range of motion and strength in extension will most likely facilitate greater internal rotation at the shoulder. These adaptations will translate to improved mechanics on movements that require superior stability, mobility and flexibility at the shoulder such as the Clean, Snatch and Muscle-up. At Arsenal, we recommend that male athletes have the ability to perform five, unbroken Strict Ring Dips and females have the ability to perform three, unbroken, Strict Ring Dips before attempting the kipping variation.

The Kipping Ring Dip

The kipping variation of the Ring Dip enables a faster cycling rate, thus increasing the intensity of the movement and the associated physiological adaptations. The progression for the Kipping Ring Dip is follows:

  • Negative Ring Dip – From the support position on the rings, athletes slowly descend (approximately three seconds) to the bottom of the dip (deltoids and biceps in contact with the rings). The knees remain fully extended and feet are positioned in front of the body to maintain the hollow position
  • Negative Ring Dip + Hip Flexion and Elbow Extension – From the bottom of the dip, athletes aggressively flex the hip, pulling the knees up to the chest. Immediately upon flexing the hip, athletes rapidly extend the elbow and allow the hips and knees to drop back into extension
  • Kipping Ring Dip