Thursday, August 11

[wod date=”2016-8-11″]

This week is quite heavy on the Shoulders. Specifically, Overhead. Which is why the KB Swings are going to be Russian style today. It will take a little heat off the other two movements. Make sure you swing to eye level and not any lower. When you get tired, not quite getting high enough is the first thing that tends to happen. The static holds while fatigued become really challenging and even though it isn’t eliciting a highly intense stimulus, the overall benefits are really beneficial.

It is a total of 12 min of work. Given the work/rest nature of this workout, go hard for the three minutes of work since you have a 1 min built-in rest time. Ideally, you should be working the whole time. There is no rest between movements, you switch stations on the call of a minute. Aim to hold the same amount of reps across all 4 rounds.

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