Friday, August 12

[wod date=”2016-8-12″]

A good opportunity for people to get some Double Under and Inverted Practise in. If you are on the cusp of being able to do a lot unbroken, challenge yourself to use this workout to practise big sets.

Getting some time being inverted is the goal here. Challenge yourself to try things in the warmup that you haven’t done before, even if you aren’t going to perform it during the workout.

Beyond RXD


Back squat

NOTE: Perform 1 set of a heavy(ish) triple on the 2 minutes. The reps should be fast and smooth. Decrease in weight if they begin to get sticky or grindy. We are working on a decreased rest interval so do not be surprised if it’s a slightly lighter weight than normal.


4 rounds for time:
1 mile Assualt Bike
– Rest 90 seconds –

NOTE: Goal is to hit a consistent pace on these mile repeats. Each interval should not be more than a + or – 5 seconds from the previous effort. Sub in 750m row if you do not have access to a bike.