Wednesday, August 10

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A Heavy Gymnastics workout. The Burpee Knees to Elbows are performed by doing 1 Burpee, jump to bar into a Knees to Elbow. That = 1 rep. The bar height the athletes use should be at least a hand jump away. Meaning, there should be roughly a hand space between the bar and the tip of your fingers.

A Cluster = A Squat Clean into a Thruster.

Beyond RXD


Sumo Deadlift

NOTE: Build to a heavy triple across the 5 working sets.


3 rounds for quality:
1 minute Weighted plank hold
20 Ring Row (feet elevated)

NOTE: Do not underestimate these ring rows. If done correctly, they will be extremely difficult. Set up the feet on a 20″ box with the rings at stomach height. Keep a rigid body position with the legs locked out and feet together.