Winter Strength Camp


Strength is never a weakness.  Whether you’re grinding through a heavy metcon or trying to help your friend move a couch up a couple flights a stairs, being stronger is always a good thing. But, like everything else, strength is a skill that needs to be trained. You have to learn how to be strong. It has to be practiced. And while all of our daily workouts contain a strength element, sometimes we need a little more to help hit those bigger numbers.

To help you reach your goals we are launching our first Strength Camp. A six week program designed specifically to get you strong.

Here’s how it works:

  • Winter Strength Camp will run November 2nd-December 9th
  • Classes will be every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30-8:30PM (These sessions will replace your regular CrossFit classes on these days.)
  • Each week will contain an upper and lower body strength day
  • You will follow your normal strength progressions for the main lifts, but rather than hitting the WOD you will focus on strength based accessory work
  • Limit 8 signs up. First come, first serve

Cost: $125