Michael Frick: Finding His Motivation

I had always been into fitness since high school. Lifting, running, yoga, or taking group classes. But I was always the person who got into a fitness routine and quickly fell out of it due to the same old workouts. Eventually, I found myself being out of the gym for years because I lost the motivation. After years of putting myself on the back burner I realized I needed to get the fitness back in my life and work with me because it always made me feel better about myself. I had kept hearing of CrossFit and decided to look into it more. I asked a friend, who had recently joined CrossFit, how he liked it and he gave me nothing but great reviews on CrossFit, specifically Arsenal Strength and Brooks. I took the chance, signed up, and have loved it ever since.

Joining Arsenal changed everything I ever thought about CrossFit. I imagined the biggest, fittest athletes just looking down on the rookies as if they were nothing. It was actually the opposite, everyone there from the slimmest to the buffest, from the ones squatting 70lbs to the ones squatting 300lbs, were supportive and welcoming. Brooks and the other coaches keep their eye on you at all times to correct you on your form so you don’t injure yourself. They promote nothing but positivity, motivation, and support. It is competitive, but you only compete with yourself to do better each day. I leave each workout feeling better about myself.

Since joining Arsenal Strength the results have been amazing! I have noticed, as well as others, the change in my body. Each week I am surprised that I can lift 5lbs more than I did last week. Those results prove I am getting stronger. I also enjoy the non-repetitive workouts, every day is different and very challenging! There is so much positivity and motivation that there is no way you can become discouraged and quit.

My favorite memory in my three months of CrossFit is doing the Gladiator Rock’n Run with everybody. That was the first time I have ever competed in a challenge like that. It was a blast working together with such a great team! I left with a huge sense of accomplishment! Joining CrossFit, especially Arsenal, has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I see myself still doing this in 10 years…even longer!Overall, I would say joining Arsenal has helped me find my motivation again. My self confidence is growing and I feel so much happier and better about myself. The only way you’re going to see a change in your life is if you go out there and make the change!