Surviving The Holidays: Part One

With so much going on over the holidays, it’s easy to see how exercise can take a back seat to the rest of your busy life. Between the work parties, Christmas shopping, and catching up with old friends it can seem impossible to carve out time to get to the gym. But, as hard as it may seem, there is probably no more important time to stay consistent with your workouts!

  • Holiday Weight Gain: It’s no secret that the holiday’s are prime time to pack on a few extra pounds. I mean, let’s be honest, how many of us actually walk over to the cookie table and only eat one cookie? I sure don’t! Gaining weight is a simple thing – if you eat more than you burn, you’ll gain weight. If you eat less, you’ll lose weight. We are all going to eat more than we burn over the next few weeks! Let’s make sure we get to the gym and keep the weight gain to a minimum.
  • Seasonal Depression: With the sun setting earlier and the days getting shorter, it’s important we don’t let seasonal depression get the best of us! Exercise will help keep your energy levels up and keep you in a good mood through the dark winter months.
  • Hectic Schedules: Everyone’s schedules get crazy during the holiday’s. All the travel arrangements, shopping, and parties can really chip away at the hours you’ve dedicated each week to your health and fitness. Try and build the rest of your schedule around your workout that day! Plan ahead and see if you have to workout in the morning rather than at night the next day.

It’s no fun to start all over in January and if you wait for the New Year to get started you’ll be further behind than you are right now! So while you’re out there giving so much to the people you love this holiday season, don’t forget to carve out a little bit of time for yourself!

Don’t worry – we have more holiday survival tips coming your way! Also, be sure to stay tuned for more info on our clean eating challenge coming in January.