Monday, August 1

[wod date=”2016-8-01″]

For those proficient in double unders, the goal is big sets. For those who are just getting the hang of them, modify to 50 reps or attempts while you are fresh in the first set and then go to singles in the second set. Use the same mentality for the rope climbs; fast climbs if you are confident or modify to 1 rep or seated rope climbs.

Beyond RXD


5 Rounds for quality:
20m Handstand walk
Snatch + 2 Overhead squat

NOTE: Goal is do the HS walk unbroken and then quickly perform 1 full snatch into 2 additional overhead squats. Build to the heaviest weight you can hit today. Rest as needed between rounds.


50/30 Strict ring dips

NOTE: Goal is complete quality reps and hold yourself to the true range of motion standard for the ring dip. If you cheat the range of motion, the transference over to the muscle up will only be a fraction of what it should be.