Friday, July 15

This may be one of those workouts that you will need to take a rest day after! The Shoulders are definitely going to be overdosed. We wanted the loads to increase as the reps decreased. This means quite a bit of weight changing, but if pyou just make it part of your workout/rest, then it doesn’t end up being so annoying! We want the time cap to be around 20 minutes, which for some people might turn into ‘How far can you get in 20min?’ because there will definitely be a lot of sticky points during the workout.

[wod date=”2016-7-15″]

Beyond RXD


Bench press

NOTE: Hit a heavy triple across 5 working sets, same weight for all sets.


As many reps in 10 minutes as possible:
25 Wallball (20/14)
50 Double unders

NOTE: Goal is 5+ rounds. Use a lighter ball if necessary to try for unbroken sets.