Monday, July 18

1 Shuttle = 1 x 20m Shuttle (touch the ground). So 5 x there and back = 10 Shuttle Runs.

The actual workout itself shouldn’t take that long. It is those pesky shuttle runs in between that will slow you down. Two minutes will come by real quick when you start to get tired. The workout starts with double unders, so make sure you make the most out of those first 2 minutes where you don’t have any running to do!

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Beyond RXD


Back Squat

NOTE: Warm up to a weight that would be a difficult set of 10 reps (Don’t do 10 reps). Try to hit all 4 sets of 8 reps at that weight.


For time:
GHD Sit ups
Hip Extensions (25/15)

NOTE: Goal is to go unbroken on each set. Hold a 25/15lb plate, on the hip extensions, only if unbroken sets can be done.