Friday, August 5

[wod date=”2016-8-5″]

This one is not quite short enough to be a sprint, but not quite long enough to call it an endurance workout. So, it’s that annoying in between where you still need to go pretty hard for the entire time! The load is set for the Power Snatch and Front Squat so that top performers should be able to perform all 10 reps unbroken each round with the last 3-4 rounds possibly needing to be broken up.

Beyond RXD


Front Squat

NOTE: Build to a heavy triple and hit that same weight for all 5 working sets.


2 Rounds for Quality:
40 Hip extensions
30 Chest to bar pull ups
20 Handstand push ups

NOTE: Goal is to rest as needed to complete each unbroken. Consider using a 15lb/25lb/35lb plate on the hip extensions if those are not enough of a challenge. Also consider doing strict HSPU if 20 kipping reps is easy for you.