Monday, August 8

[wod date=”2016-8-8″]

You can use this as a 5rep, 3rep and 1rep Squat Snatch Benchmark day. We have added some EMOM work during the Workout Prep to give you some more time under load and to help work up to what you want to shoot for during your sets. Technically, you should only be going for 1 attempt at each set, but we’ll let you have a few attempts if you either miss a lift or if you go too light.

Beyond RXD


Front Squat
10 Reps

NOTE: Starting from an empty bar, you get 10 reps to build up to a heavy single in the front squat today. Do not exceed 10 total reps with weight on the bar. This is a classic warmup that encourages larger than normal jumps with weight and preps the CNS (central nervous system) for handling heavier loading.


For time:
Row (calories)
Power Snatch (115/75)

NOTE: Goal is to finish under 6 minutes. This workout is meant to be done fast and aggressively, so go hard on the row and get after it!