CrossFit 101: Scaled or Rx’d

As a coach, the number one question I am asked by new athletes is, ‘Do I have to be in shape before I get started?’ Heck no! With any CrossFit workout you have two options; you can do the workout as it is written (Rx’d) or you can tailor the weights and movements to fit your specific needs (Scaled). At Arsenal, we specialize in scaling for the everyday athlete who is looking for a great workout!


Almost every CrossFit workout has a prescribed weight in order to standardize the WOD and provide a measurable base to track progress over time. Having a standard weight for a workout is great because not only does it allow you to compare your results with millions of other athletes, but it also gives you something to strive for.


When we say scaled, we really mean optimized and it is what makes CrossFit great. Scaling is what allows every CrossFit workout to be completed by any person, no matter their age or current level of fitness. Most of our athletes choose to optimize their workouts by reducing the weight. This helps them keep the quality of their movement high and ensures they are performing the workout with the right intensity. Scaling, however, doesn’t stop at weight. We scale for mobility issues, experience level, and to accommodate injuries. No matter the workout, there is nothing we can’t do to make it fit your needs!

You can learn more about scaling during our Fundamentals Course! It’s a course specifically designed for athletes who are new to CrossFit and want to learn all the movements before jumping into a class.