Chris Kornell: Cultivating Fitness

For many years I tried really hard to get into fitness. I did your average gym routine with big machines and alternate leg and arm days, I tried running, DVDs with some ripped guy yelling at me from the TV — I tried a lot of different things and the result was always the same: I lost interest in about a month or less and regressed back into a sedentary lifestyle. I heard about CrossFit from some co-workers but coming from little to no fitness background, it intimidated me. I told myself I wasn’t an elite athlete — or any kind of athlete — and so it wasn’t for me; however, I was still intrigued with CrossFit’s methodology: constantly varied, short bursts of intensity. Naturally, when I heard about Arsenal Strength from a good friend, I decided to give it an honest try. From my first fundamentals class with Brooks, the head coach, I could see his intense focus for technique and safety. His style and focus inspired the confidence I needed to continue. In a surprisingly short time, I saw huge improvements in my strength and endurance. It’s here where I became addicted to fitness through CrossFit and Arsenal Strength.

 One of the most valuable things Arsenal Strength taught me about CrossFit is that it’s not exclusive for the elite or the experienced — it’s really for anyone who aligns with or desires the values of continuous improvement and a healthy lifestyle. It’s no exaggeration to say that CrossFit and the coaches at Arsenal Strength have changed my life. Since I’ve been committed to this, I feel better than I have in a very long time. My mental and physical fitness is reaching new heights, my confidence continues to evolve. The benefits flow into my work life, where I’m much more focused and productive. For all of these reasons, I now can’t imagine my life without the physical challenge and commitment to wellness that CrossFit provides. Unlike former routines, my workouts do not feel like a laborious task I need to check off on a list. These are exercises I sincerely look forward to each and every time. I think that’s the way fitness should be: something you want to do instead of something you force yourself to do.

 There’s so many things I love about CrossFit. The camaraderie, the Olympic Weightlifting, the gymnastics — I’m doing things I never thought I could do and I do it with a strong, encouraging community that cheers me on the entire time. The best part, though, is the moment when a movement clicks for the first time and you nail it — it’s extremely satisfying when you get a jump rope under your feet twice in a single jump, or feel the weightlessness of a heavy bar in an Olympic lift, or do more strict pull-ups than you ever have! The accomplishments I achieve here radiate throughout the rest of my life and fuel a high level of energy and motivation for everything else life throws at me.

 Arsenal Strength is the place where I finally cultivated my fitness and I sincerely believe it’s the best place for anyone who wants to start or improve. For me, I just wish I found Arsenal Strength sooner. And once you start here, I’m confident you’ll feel the same way too.