Reason #2 For Not Trying CrossFit: Out of Shape

It’s almost amazing how many people think they have to be in shape to start CrossFit. People will say all the time, “I want to get into shape before I join a CrossFit gym.” This sentiment could not be further from the truth. Nearly 99% of the people who walk through our doors for the first time are out of shape. They come to us with all sorts of problems – they are overweight, they smoke, they sit at a desk all day, or they haven’t worked out in years!

The truth is you are never going to reach the day where you are “in shape” enough to start CrossFit. Ready for another truth? There is no better way to GET in shape than by starting CrossFit! CrossFit gym’s are filled with people who want to better themsevlves and support the people around them who are striving to reach the same goals. When you do a workout next to someone; you’re not competing to win – you’re pushing yourself to new limits because you’re inspired by the person next to you who is fighting to get in shape just as much as you are.

The beautiful thing about CrossFit is that anyone can do it regardless of their fitness level. As coaches, it’s our job to guide you through workouts and make sure you are doing the workout with the proper technique and intensity (scaling). And we can scale in all sort of ways; we can cut back on the weight or reps, we can make the workout shorter, and we can change movements due to old injuries or range of motion limitations.

The thing that is most important to us at Arsenal is that everyone who walks through our doors for the first time leaves with the confidence that they are going to have amazing results if they just commit and stick with the program. Will they feel uncomfortable at times? Absolutely! But, I guarentee that they will leave here each day knowing they are on step closer to their goals.