2021 Arsenal Open

Each year we take a few weeks to come together as a community, celebrate our fitness, and cheer each other during the CrossFit Open. This year is no different, and we are incredibly excited to announce details for the 2021 Open.

The Open consists of a weekly event for three weeks where you can test your fitness against yourself, friends, and athletes from around the world. It brings out the best in our community, providing opportunities for everyone to shine. 

This year we are focusing our support on one of our own fighting an incredible battle against breast cancer, Kathryn Green. Kath is a staple of our early morning crew, and her attitude and toughness in her journey are genuinely inspiring and show the real meaning of strength. 

To support Kath and everyone else in our community who has been touched by cancer, we will be donating 100% of this year’s Open registration fees to the Magee-Women’s Foundation and Research Institute’s Patient Care Fund. Our short-term goal is $2,000, but if we can double it and get to $4,000, Coach Vincent has agreed to let Kathryn shave his head! 

Here is everything you need to know:

What’s the Open?

It’s a 3-week workout series meant to challenge ourselves and recognize all the hard work we’ve put in over the past 12-months. We will also be running a theme for each week and encourage you all to participate in!

Week 1–> Pink (In honor of Kath and all the strong women fighting or who have battled breast cancer)

Week 2–> St. Patrick’s Day

Week 3–> Arsenal Pride

When is it?

Workouts begin March 12 and will be run during scheduled classes each Friday. 

Who should participate?

Everyone! Each workout will have three variations to accommodate all levels of fitness/experience. 

Who does it benefit?

Magee-Women’s Foundation and Research Institute’s Patient Care Fund. The money raised goes directly to help cover expenses during treatment, such as transportation and child care. 

How do I sign up?

Click the link below to get registered. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Magee-Women’s Foundation and Research Institute’s Patient Care Fund. 


What if I still want to sign up through CrossFit?

Go for it! Because of the pandemic, we won’t be hosting Friday Night Lights or actively judging during workouts. However, we will be offering specific times during the weekend where you can take advantage of the full Open experience with active judging and scorekeeping if you want to log your score with CrossFit. More details to come, and you can sign up for the CrossFit Open by clicking here. 

If you would like to donate more towards our fundraising goal or would like to share our fundraiser with people outside of our gym, here is the link to do so!