How to Start a Fitness Routine in 2021

If you Google “how to start a workout routine,” you’ll find some great advice from A LOT of different sources. Instagram famous trainers, celebrity trainers, health magazines, and news outlets all have people telling you exactly what the “secret” to success is.

For example, the Mayo Clinic has five steps for you, with instructions under each heading:

  • Assess fitness level.
  • Design program.
  • Assemble equipment.
  • Start.
  • Monitor progress.

I’m not going to argue with the Mayo Clinic! But those five steps aren’t as simple as they’ve laid out, especially for the average person.

Most people don’t know how to assess fitness, and even fewer understand how to design a program and monitor progress.

And while you can start a program with minimal equipment, fitness equipment isn’t cheap. So if you buy anything (if you can find it), you want to make the best decision for you.

But what do you buy? And is that gear worth the investment long-term?

Let’s be clear: I want you to start working out in 2021, and any activity is better than no activity. You can even start with a short daily walk. Increase the distance a little every day, keep a record of how far you go and your energy levels, and you’ll see some progress!

But the Mayo Clinic list puts a lot of pressure on a person to research, plan, purchase, and assess. That can be totally overwhelming – at least for me anyway! We know this because many of our current clients came to us after trying to start a program and become lost or confused. Some even quit trying altogether before eventually calling us.

I’m going to simplify the Mayo Clinic list down to one easy step: All you have to do is work on Number 4.

Just start by coming to talk to a coach. That’s it. Forget all the other stuff that can get complicated and confusing. If you take care of Number 4, we’ll cover everything else!

Our coaches are experts in assessing fitness levels, designing programs, and monitoring results. It’s what we do every day.

We also have all the equipment you’ll ever need. We can even help you with Number 4 because we can motivate you and inspire you. After all, that’s our real superpower: making fitness fun.

What’s not fun is trying to figure things out on your own. Have you ever tried to go to Home Depot to pick up supplies after finding an “easy” DIY project on the internet?

Most of the time, you end up frustrated, spend just as much money as you would have to hire someone, and burn an entire weekend. That’s frustrating and robs us of our energy and enthusiasm.

We promise to completely eliminate frustration and give you the perfect plan to help you accomplish your fitness goals—any fitness goals. We’ll help you monitor your progress—and show you how to speed things up.

The Mayo Clinic is spot on: “Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health.”

And you can make it easier by not doing it all on your own. All you have to do is click HERE and book an appointment to come in for a talk. We’ll talk about goals, make a baseline assessment, and put together the perfect plan for you!

Written by: Brooks DiFiore

Inspired by Two-Brain Business and Two-Brain Media.