Increasing flexibility for longer drivers

If you have been working on improving your golf swing this winter but ignoring your mobility, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to add distance off the tee. Increasing flexibility for longer drivers is the number one way you can improve your game and shine on the course.

In a golf swing, force is primarily generated by firing the muscles in your hips and shoulders. The further you stretch those muscles in the backswing, the more rotation a golfer can create to maximize acceleration and clubhead speed through the ball. 

Here are two routines you can do at home or on the golf course focusing on increasing flexibility for longer drivers:

Shoulder Routine

2-3 Rounds

Hip Routine

2-3 Rounds

Complete each routine once a week and choose two exercises from both as a warm-up for your next round.

Next week, we’ll discuss how improving your strength can benefit your golf swing and add distance to your drive. 

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Inspired by Kidd Campbell: Vegvisir CrossFit