2017 Paleo Challenge

December is the month to set PR’s in eating cookies and drinking booze! While we should certainlty be proud of the amount of calories and eggnog we can put down on a Tuesday night during the holidays the reality is that we’re going to wake up January 1 ready to shave off those extra pounds. Put don’t worry we have you guys and gals covered! Coach Bethany is going to make sure we start 2017 off on the right foot.

Whether you are new to Paleo or are seasoned in the way of the caveman, this challenge will greatly benefit you and your goals. Because the Paleo diet fits our genetic makeup, it will aid in your progress regardless if you are trying to loss weight, enhance your performance, or improve your health. When executed correctly, this diet gives your body exactly what it needs!

Over the six weeks of the challenge you will follow the guidelines we set out for you as well as work with an accountability partner to help you stay on track.

In order to calculate your progress and keep you motivated we will be using various tracking methods to help you gauge your progress including body fat measurements, weekly weigh ins, before/after pictures (for your eyes only) and WOD scores.


6 Week Challenge (Saturday, January 7 – February 18)
Includes Nutrition Workshop at Start of Challenge
Weekly weigh in with your coach
Private Facebook Group to share recipes and motivate one another
Pre and Post Benchmark Workout


Everyone will receive a scorecard for each week of the challenge that will need to be handed in to your coach (Bethany) every Saturday. Scores will be tallied and posted the following Monday to see who is in the lead!

5 Points – For each perfect Paleo Week
2 Points – For each perfect Paleo Day
1 Point – For a day with ANY cheat – even a bite!
1 Point – For each class you attend
3 Bonus Points for attending more than 3 classes in a week

Cost $100