Thursday, December 1

4 Rounds
1min Double Unders
1min KB Swing (24/16kg)
1min Burpee
1min Rest

4 Rounds
1min Fast Feet Jumps
1min KB Swing
1min Burpee
1min Rest

The focus this month is Olympic Lifting technique. We won’t be lifting anymore than usual, but you will see more warmups that incorporate the Olympic Lifts as a skill. We will use them to refine technique, practice positions and work mobility.

This will be done in the form of DB, PVC and Barbell Complexes that will rotate throughout the month. Which means we will use a Barbell, Dumbbell or PVC most days, sometimes even when the workout doesn’t call for it. Sometimes we will ask you to go heavy and challenge yourselves with the Complexes, but what’s most important is that you get comfortable with the movements and positions. Practice, practice, practice.

The total amount of actual work time is 15min. That is a decent amount of time to work.Keep that in mind before you start that first round. Starting out with a sprint will make the rest of the Workout feel really awful!

Make sure you use their 1min Rest wisely. The goal should be to decrease your Heart Rate as much as possible and get you breathing back under control.

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