Mike Chmiel: Looking Forward to Monday’s

“I first started CrossFit in the New You program. At the time I had zero experience or knowledge about CrossFit, but was attracted to the team/group atmosphere during workouts.

At first I was intimidated, slightly embarrassed, and sore. These feelings quickly subsided and have since transformed into an overall love of the sport, Arsenal Strength, and the entire Arsenal Crew. I literally look forward to Mondays only because I get to spend another week in the gym with my friends.

I was drawn to CrossFit due to the group workouts and having a trainer coach you everyday. Not only is it motivational, but also a relief to look over your shoulder during a brutal workout and see your buddy or another CrossFitter struggling and fighting just as hard as you are. Having great coaches allows you to focus on the actual workout and improving your form, not just going through the motions or spending all of your time looking up an exercise routine online.

Obviously CrossFit has improved my physical strength, but more importantly is my mental and emotional growth. The overall benefits of CrossFit have bled over into my every day life and continue to give me the strength to be a better person day after day. I credit this to CrossFit, my coaches, and the community.”

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