Don’t Dig the Hole Deeper

When it comes to health and fitness most people either get started too late or never at all. Being healthy in today’s world is tough and honestly, we are not set up for success in the longterm.

It’s difficult to eat healthy when fast-food chains have positioned themselves as some of the most convenient and cheapest places around. Pair that with sitting at a desk all day long and we have a receipt for disaster.

The truth is that we are all starting at a deficit each day with our feet a few feet below ground and every decision we make can either dig us deeper into that hole or help us climb out of it.

How deep we dig our hole each day always begins with the choices we make the night before.

Seven hours of sleep or left? Grab your shovel and start digging.

Wake up late and need to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast? Dig some more.

10:00 am donut break in the office? You guessed it – dig that hole again.

This trend can continue all day long.

What did you have for lunch? Dig.

Afternoon snack? Dig.

Too tired to workout? Dig.

By the time we get home to the couch we are so exhausted that all we want to do is order a pizza and crack open a bottle of wine, but guess what we have to do now? Dig a little more only to go to bed late and start the process all over again.

Rather than continuing to dig ourselves into a hole how about, we start digging ourselves out?

If you are reading this I want you to commit to getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep tonight and if you can, try waking up 30-minutes earlier than you normally do.

Now, with that 30-minutes I want you to leave home early and head to the grocery store where you will buy a piece of fruit (whatever is your favorite), a protein bar (I prefer RX Bars), and a bottle of water. Feel free to grab a coffee as well but skip the cream and sugar.

For today, we are going to stop there because if you can execute each of those steps you will win the morning and if you win the morning you will win the day.

You’ll be amazed at just how much making a few easy decisions to start the day will carry you through the rest of your day and hopefully change your life.

Remember, every decision you make will either dig you deeper into that hole or elevate you to new heights.

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