I have spent hours on hours in different fitness facilities, ranging from college weight rooms to small private personal training facilities, to massive globo gyms.

What I have learned is that gym hours, costs, coaches, and overall environment are going to vary from facility to facility.

With so many options it can be challenging and overwhelming to decide where to start. I can also tell you that not every gym cares about you meeting your goals.

At Arsenal, it is our vision to improve the lives of everyone who walks through our doors through fitness and nutrition coaching. This is why all new members start with a 90-day commitment that includes a variation of personal training, group classes, and nutrition coaching.

We choose 90-days because it gives us enough time to do our job as coaches to transform our client’s relationship with food and exercise so that it no longer feels like a task but rather something they look forward too.

Working with clients for 90-days also allows us to focus on accountability.

Most of us struggle to find the motivation to work out on our own before or after work. When you begin something new you may start with a strong first week or two, but the reality is our motivation is like the gas in our cars; it will eventually run out if we are not enjoying the process.

At Arsenal, we refill that gas by showing you that you are making consistent progress with in-person check-ins on day 30, 60, and 90 to retest muscle mass and body fat percentages and see how classes and training sessions are going.

If we haven’t seen you in a week you can expect to get a text message or phone call checking in to make sure you are still on the path to achieving your goals.

If you are traveling throughout the week we are going to help you find a gym to drop into or provide you with hotel WOD’s.

For us this is not going above and beyond, this is simply doing our job to deliver a professional service that will help you change your life.

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