Two Tips Heading into Quarantine – Week 3

I’m not sure how you are feeling but things are getting pretty, pretty, pretttty boring.

Yes, I have been binge-watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm to pass the time.

As week two of quarantine comes to an end we are all heading one of two directions; either we have found a renewed focus and a routine to help guide us through the social abyss or we are lost, unmotivated and continuing to become one with the couch. Don’t get me wrong the couch is my best friend right now, aside from my wife (who is on the verge of murdering me), but we have to remember that this period will pass. In the meantime, we have an obligation to ourselves and our family to stay healthy and keep moving.

Here are two tips to help you keep your sanity during Quarantine – Week 3:


For a week or two finding our workouts online may be fun but eventually, it is going to get boring and it is going to have a negative impact on our longterm goals. In times of uncertainty, we need to have a reliable plan we can easily follow. When we program for group classes we do so with a longterm view and the goals of our members in mind. The same is true now, but on a much more individualized basis, which is going to lead to better results for each person. This is why we assigned each of our members a personal coach.

Your coaches are your guides and guides are most needed when times get tough. Lean into them. Let them know what you are struggling with. Some people are struggling with a lack of time while others are struggling with a lack of motivation because they have too much time. The more information you can give to your coach the more they are going to be able to help you keep moving.


We all have a lot of time on our hands. Like, too much time. Way. Too. Much. Time.

If you read that slow enough you should have burned about 30-seconds of your day. You’re welcome.

But, let’s use that time! While grocery stores are not exactly stocked to the brim right now this a great opportunity to slow things down in the kitchen and get creative with some of our weekly staples. If you are anything like Allie and me, you probably eat the same few meals over and over again. Now is the time to whip out the cookbooks and try something new. It will keep your mind engaged on the task and it will stop you from searching out unhealthy choices just because we are bored with what we have been eating.

Need help with a new healthy recipe or meal prep ideas? Shoot an email to [email protected] to schedule a 15-minute Zoom call. She has plenty of amazing ideas to keep you and your family healthy and fed.