Tuesday, September 6

[wod date=”2016-9-6″]

Strength day — focus today is the Pullup. 6 sets of decreasing reps. Increase the weight each set, ending with an attempt at a 1Rep Max. The last few reps of each set should be a real struggle. This may be new for some people, so we’ll play around with the weight and where to put it (between the legs is the best/or with a dip belt) in the warmup.

We’re going to finish up today with a Handstand Pushup EMOM to get a little extra work in!

For the HSPU, use any modification that you can maintain 5 reps per minute relatively easy for 7min. Meaning, you can get them done in 1 or 2 sets each time. For some people this may be Strict Deficits, others it may be Negatives or Box Pike Pushups. Use this opportunity to practise the movement rather than to get totally sweaty and fatigued.

Beyond RXD

Power Snatch

Back Squat

NOTE: Hold a heavy double across the 6 working sets for each movement. The snatches should not be “touch and go.”