Wednesday, September 7

[wod date=”2016-9-7″]

A lot of Jumping today. We’ll use the warm up to make sure your ankles and calves are ready for it!

The Parallete Jumps are done sideways next to one Parallete. If there aren’t enough Paralletes, load up a Barbell and use that instead.

The goal for everyone should be to go as fast as you can across the whole workout. This doesn’t mean starting hard and then dying out; even though this might be a strategy for some people, try to be more consistent across the 15 rounds for today. That means staying relaxed and going through the motions. It is always good to try different strategies, as it gets you out of your comfort zone and helps to give you a new approach to workouts!

Beyond RXD


Bench Press

NOTE: Build up to a heavy single across the working sets.


For time:
Thruster (115/75)
Pull up (chest to bar)

NOTE: Goal is try to stay within 1 minute of your best “Fran” time. For example if you have a sub 3 minute Fran time, then try to finish sub 4 minutes on this variant.