Tuesday, November 1

Part 1:
Find a Heavy 3Rep
Sumo Deadlift

Part 2:
3 Sumo Deadlift (70% of above)
6 Ring Pushup

Work up to a moderate 3Rep
Sumo Deadlift

Part 2:
3 Sumo Deadlift
6 Pushup

Prepare yourself! This month comes with benchmarks and fitness testing!

Throughout November,we will be testing you across the ten general physical skills — strength, power, flexibility, stamina, accuracy, agility, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, speed and balance — with our benchmark style workouts.

This is our third round of testing in 2016. We typically program these tests every 4 – 6 months so that you can track your progress and detect gains or retrograde performance.

We have combined a few essential single-modality tasks, such as simple gymnastics movements, weightlifting movements and metabolic conditioning tasks, with a broad range of ‘capacity’ testing to ensure variability in skills.

And we have designed benchmark workouts to be a spicy little mix of modalities, time domains, priorities (task/time), load, number of movements and overall volume!

Beyond RXD

Strict Pull up

NOTE: Alternate between movements, 1 set of press then 10 pull ups. Try to build to the heaviest triple you can for the day. The pull ups should be done unbroken, so lower the number if needed, but keep them strict. If 10 is not challenging for you, try adding a small amount of weight. A little weight will make a big difference!