Thursday, November 3

Buy In: 2min Max Candlesticks

3 Rounds
15 Parallete Pass Throughs
10 Over/Unders

Buy out: 2min Max Weighted Situps

Buy In: 2min Max Candlesticks

3 Rounds
10 Kick Backs
8 Over/Unders

Buy out: 2min Situps

A good Bodyweight (for the most part) Workout that will end up being deceivingly tough. The goal is to accumulate as many reps in those first and last 2min so you can help take some time off your total score. We also want you to go into the couplet being slightly fatigued so those 3 rounds don’t feel too easy. But, you should still be able to go hard for all three rounds. The Parallete Passthroughs may end up being what slows you down, since you end up being quite winded.

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