Summer Shred Virtual Nutrition Challenge

It’s that time of year and while we may be locked inside depriving ourselves of sunlight we figure there is no way we are going to let COVID-19 hold us back from getting ready for Summer.


April 26 – Memorial Day Weekend


✅ Challenge Kick-off Webinar

✅ Individual Virtual Goal Setting Session with Personal Coach

✅ Weekly Group Nutrition Class

✅ Four Week Meal Plan

✅ Daily Check-ins via True Coach

✅ Sunday Funday Summer Shred Class

✅ Private Facebook Group

✅ Individual Final Virtual Meeting with Personal Coach



This is our gift to you. Sign up fees will be waived for anyone with an active membership.

Just like Fit for Fall this will be a partner nutrition challenge so call up that gym buddy you miss so much and get your team together. 

Want to partner with a nonmember? No problem! We’re all in the same boat and I’m sure you have friends and family who could benefit from joining the challenge. Options for nonmembers are outlined below c


Option 1: Two payments of $75

Option 2: Two payments of $150 with a 4-week personal fitness coach add-on*

*A coach will work with you to define your goals and guide you remotely through three workouts per week based on your ability level and equipment at home. 

To sign up members should email [email protected] to reserve their spot. If you know who your partner is upon sign up let us know otherwise we will pair you with a friend prior to kick-off.

Nonmembers may sign up using the link below. Once registered a coach will be reaching out to introduce themselves. 

Nutrition Only

Nutrition + Individual Nutrition Coaching