Beyond the Scale: Nutrition Goals

In case you missed it, we are proud to be running our first completely online nutrition challenges starting April 26th! The unique aspect of this challenge is that we are honing in on sustainable habits and non-numerical, habit-based goals that focus on wellness to promote your lifelong health. Even better, we can pair you with a partner to boost your accountability and create a connection that we are all craving! What are you waiting for? Call up your best friend so the both of you can show off your best selves post-quarantine! 

Transforming Nutrition Goals

In past challenges, we have created goals with our clients focused on muscle gain or fat loss. This spring, you will still learn how to perform proper body measurements at home, but your greatest lessons will be to understand how daily habits create sustainable progress towards numerical goals. Some aspects of your life that we can improve upon through nutrition are: 

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Stress
  • Food portions or intake
  • Mood and self-confidence
  • Hydration 
  • Nutrition habits such as vegetable frequency, nutrient timing, snacking
  • Strength or performance metrics
  • Sleep quality or habits
  • Relationships 
  • Mindfulness in relation to food 

Let’s explore some of these! 

  • Imagine how your energy will transform if you decrease processed foods, cook your own meals, and learn how to balance your macronutrients. Those are 3 action steps towards the non-weight based goal of “increased perceived energy level”. A nutrition coach can help you gauge your current energy upon waking or during workouts by rating it on a scale from 0-10. Moving forward, you will track your daily energy on an app or journal, sharing it with your coach during check-ins. In this tracking, note the related nutrition habits. Did you eat vegetables at least during lunch and dinner? Did you include a post-workout protein for recovery? How was your hydration for the day? 
  • A simpler goal would be to use designated “hand portion guides” for every meal. This is a lesson you will learn in more detail during the challenge. Just as with the energy level, you can track how accountable you were with this in an app or a journal. Over time, following proper portion sizing will lead to either weight loss or muscle gain, as discussed with your nutrition coach. 
  • Self-confidence is something that I really enjoy gauging with my nutrition clients as they fine-tune their wellness habits. Many individuals approach a nutrition challenge stating they “want to lose 10 pounds” or are hoping to “get stronger and squat 350 pounds”. I challenge them though, and say- why are we looking at these numbers? What is actually important to you? What will reaching those goals feel like? Who is the person you are actually striving to be? I ask a client: on a scale from 1-10, how confident are you in yourself right now? Let’s get you to at least an 8/10 over the course of the next four months. Then, this is our ultimate goal, and the various nutritional hacks, habits, and tricks that you will put into your wellness toolbox will yield a beautiful result. 

Let’s Get After It.

You deserve to feel your best, live a thriving life, and put meaning to your why. Tune in next week for content about how having a WHY is so important to driving your success.