More Options for Better Results

We want you to have options. We have always believed that fitness should be highly personalized to help you reach your goals. We have accomplished this through scaling in the past, but I hate that word, to be honest. Nothing is scaled; things are simply modified to meet an individual’s needs. The more we can modify a workout, the more we can customize your experience. The more we can customize your experience, the better results you are going to get. 

Beginning October 1, we will be offering two variations of our daily Metcon WOD in each class: Orange and Black.

Orange – Barbell Option

Black – Dumbbell Option

Why you should mix more dumbbells into training:

  1. Injury prevention and muscle stabilization: Dumbbells need greater stabilization to move them efficiently, requiring more muscle activation. More muscle activation will lead to more strength with a barbell and work those little muscles that often get ignored, thus decreasing your injury chance. 
  2. Eliminate Imbalances: We all have one side that is weaker than the other. If you have had an InBody scan, you know that muscle mass is not distributed equally on both sides of our body. When we train with a barbell, it’s easy to overcompensate and favor whichever side of our body is the strongest. By throwing dumbbells into regular training, we force each side of our body to do an equal amount of work. This helps us strengthen areas that may be weaker on one side versus the other. 
  3. Keep Things Interesting: Training with dumbbells offers us a unique challenge and can even be a much-needed alternative if we feel burned out mentally and/or physically. Variation is what keeps things fun and what makes our training program so effective.