How to Make The Most Out of 2020

If you’re like me, 2020 has not been quite like you expected. We spent close to three months working out from home, staring at computer screens, and running our dishwashers once a day.

As things started to open back up, we were safely able to re-open the gym, go through a three-week rebuild process, and get back to our somewhat regular routine of group classes and personal training. Then you looked at this weeks programming and you might of said WTF! I’m not a Games Athlete!

FYI If you haven’t already looked ahead this week, stop what you are doing and click ahead through SugarWOD (Go ahead, I’ll still be here!)

What you’ll see is variations of the same workouts your favorite “CrossFit Games” athletes were completing this weekend. I did this for two reasons:

  1. My favorite part of Functional Fitness is that it is truly for everyone, no matter what level you are at. Scaling is a beautiful thing that allows us to work out alongside some of the fittest people on the planet and see how we stack up!
  2. It will help us start the conversation of what we want to focus on improving for the rest of 2020, and help guide us to where we want to be in 2021.

Many of you had goals for 2020 that might feel like they are falling short, but guess what we have three months to turn things around, and I promise you it is not too late!

As you’re reading this, I want you to do three things right now:

  1. Write down your goals for 2020 that you had from January.
  2. Write down three goals you currently have for the last three months of 2020.
  3. Book a goal-setting session with me to put these goals into action and kick 2020’s ass even though it’s tried to knock us down more times than we can count!