Monday, June 13

Since we did a ton of wall balls on Saturday we are going to do Sunday’s workout! When posting in BTWB be sure to post all your scores under Sunday’s WOD.

A nasty little movement combination today. Prescribing max efforts is good because it challenges you to work well outside of your comfort zone! The Kettle Bell Swing is a great movement for it too, since it really challenges your cardiovascular and strength endurance ability!

The focus is the set of Swings, but that doesn’t mean row slow, it just means that you should find a pace you can manage for all 500m efforts.

[wod date=”2016-6-12″]


For the rest of the month we will post accesory WODs that go along with our regular programming! This can be used to develop your skill/strength or if you are interested in competing. The same programming will be availble come July as an add on to your membership.

Every minute for 20 minutes:
Even: 2 heavy back squats
Odd: 10 toes to bar

NOTE: Weight should be roughly 85% of your 1RM. Try to make the toes to bar as strict as you can.