Monday, December 26

5 Rounds
10 x Shuttle Run
Max Set Back Squat @ BW
Rest 2min

5 Rounds
10 x Shuttle Run
15 Back Squat
Rest 2min

Each set of Back Squats is one unbroken set. Once you put the bar down, that terminates the set. You can rest with it on your back, but we don’t encourage this, and anything over 5sec should also terminate the set.


Time taken to complete Workout (including rest) – total Back Squat reps (1 rep = 1 second).

WOD Goal

We expect the RXD athletes to get more reps per round. Ideally 10 or more reps for the first round is the goal, then at least over 6 for the next 4 rounds. Scale the load if you don’t think you will be able to achieve this at your bodyweight.

Beyond RXD


Every minute for 10 minutes:
1 Power snatch
1 Hang squat snatch
1 Squat snatch

NOTE: Complete all 3 lifts each minute. Start at (155/105) and add 10 or 5lbs every minute if it is a successful lift. Miss a lift and decrease 10 or 5lbs. Catching the power snatch below parallel is a miss. Compare to 7/9.


As many reps as ossicle in 7 minutes:
10 Sumo deadlift high pull (135/95)
10 Push press (135/95)

NOTE: Goal is to try and get 7 rounds. Don’t get lazy on those high pulls, and keep your legs as the primary driver on those reps! This will be harder than you think…..