Improving Health & Fitness Through Crisis

I, like many last week, was scared and frustrated with the restrictions being put on our lives. At this point we all understand that we have an obligation to do our part to help curve this pandemic. Our friends and family who work in healthcare are working tirelessly to save lives while overcoming enormous obstacles that have been places in front of them. We all owe them a debt of gratitude we will not be able to repay. To all of our members and friends in healthcare, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your hard work.

As the rest of us remain shuttered in our homes the time for feeling scared or sorry for ourselves has passed. It is time we take back control of our daily lives and push forward to use this as an opprtunity to improve our well-being.

The first thing we need to do is figure out what is most important in terms of your health and fitness.

We all have things we know we need to improve on. For some it’s mobility, for others it is squeezing in accesssory work or cleaning up their eating habits or even finding the time to journal and meditate. For people like Andy, it is doing anything aside from picking up a heavy barbell.

(Andy ran four miles voluntarily last week. Golf clap for Andy.)

Whatever it is you need to improve I want you to write it down. Go ahead, write it down.

Got it?

Next, I want you to do the math and figure out how much extra time you have in your day because you are not driving to work.

Got that?

Next, I want you to call your coach (you have all been assigned one, if you don’t know who yours is we messed up and you need to email me ASAP. [email protected]) tell them what it is you need to work on and how much extra time you have in your day to dedicate to improving it because you don’t have to drive to work.

Vincent is my coach. He knows that my should mobility is awful. And he knows that I have extra time on my hands because I’m stuck at home so he has been sending me three additional workouts each week so that I can leave quaruntine better than I came in.

He also knows that I need a push. Since we have been stuck at home time has sort of lost it’s meaning to me. I will sit down to work at 9 am and look up to realize it’s 3 pm and that I’ve missed lunch and haven’t moved for six hours. Luckily, Vincent is a really good coach and he knows that he needs to text me around 11 am and say, “get your ass off the couch, do the mobiltiy drills I sent you, and then go eat lunch. Also, stay away from the Trader Joes Chocolate Covered Marshmallows. You don’t need them.” Sadly, Vicky (my nutrition coach), will text me the bit about the marshmallows too. They are just so good.

If you are an Arsenal member you have endless health and fitness resources at your disposal. Use them. Leverage your coaches. They are a wealth of knowledge and they are bored. Why do you think they are calling and texting you so much?

These next few weeks at home can either set us up for success or dig us into a hole we will spend the rest of 2020 trying to get out of. Let’s use it for success. Call your coach, today.