Lean into Your Coaches, Routine, & Community

One week down and who knows how many to go. Last week was a blur of chaos and confusion which made it move quickly. This week will be different. This week will be slow and seem like it is going to drag on forever. Next week is going to be even slower and if we are still at home the week after that it is going to feel like torture. As we settle into our lives at home with limited contact with our friends and family we need to prioritize both our physical and our mental well-being.

At some point, the novelty of working out at home is going to wear off (if it hasn’t already) and the real challenge of staying mentally engaged in your workouts is going to set in. When this happens and the motivation disappears there are three things you need to lean into: your coaches, your routine, and your community.

This crisis has forced us all to react quickly. As Vincent, Allie, and I analyzed the situation at hand our greatest concern was what was going to happen to our clients. How would this impact their health and fitness and how can we help them not just maintain but continue to make progress. Now, more than ever, we all need coaching. We need a guide. We need someone to say, “follow me.” In uncertain times the first things that go out the window are our routine (more on this in a moment) and accountability.

Coaching is all about accountability. It’s about understanding your client’s goals, their schedule, and their unique situation and putting them in a place where they can succeed. For some, this means a weekly check-in and for others, it’s daily. In a situation like this accountability comes down to communication. It comes down to having a coach who is going to take your unique circumstances and mold them to be the most beneficial for you. If you don’t have a lot of equipment, at-home workouts are going to get very boring very quickly. To stay engaged you need someone who is constantly challenging you and pushing your limits, but also making the necessary changes to your program to keep things fun and interesting.

Planning is easy – execution is difficult. A routine is great, but it is also worthless if we don’t stick to it. If last week was any indicator of what is to come it tells me that we all need to find a new routine ASAP. We are creatures of habit. If you are someone who comes to 6:30 am class M/W/F chances are that has been your routine since you started CrossFit. The first thing we all need to do is to write out down our new routine. Because we have been in this for a few days we should have some idea of what is going to work and what is not going to work. Your workouts, your meals, and your time for sort of mindfulness/meditation practice should all be planned out ahead of time. The next thing you need to do is send that routine to your coach. By now, everyone should have made contact with their personal coach for the next few weeks (if you haven’t please email brooks@arsenalstrength ASAP).

There has never been a time in our lives when we have been more isolated from one another, but still so connected. I am incredibly thankful for the ability technology affords us to stay engaged and apart of people’s lives. The truth is that the longer we have to stay away from one another the greater toll this new reality is going to take on our mental health. As CrossFitters, we thrive off of our shared community. The same friends that put a smile on your face after work at 5:30 pm class are the same ones that need to make you smile now. The next few weeks will be lonely. If someone pops in your head give them a call or send them a message. I encourage everyone to reach out, remain active in each other’s lives, and challenge one another to keep moving as we navigate the unknown.

When things get tough this week and you feel lost take a moment for a deep breath and ask yourself what you need to get back on track. Your coaches are here to guide you and your community is here to support you. Together we will thrive and we will all be better for having this shared experience.