Getting the Most from Online Coaching

The two things that separate boutique gyms from big box gyms are community and coaching. That is what we love the most. We love seeing the people and sharing the laughs. We love the coaches who motivate and inspire us and we love the progress that their coaching and our hard work allow us to make. Now more than ever what we love needs to leveraged and used to our advantage. Online coaching is an incredibly valuable tool if we understand how to use it correctly. In a time of isolation, it will keep us all connected and moving forward. If you are lost or struggling to find your groove at home here is how to make online coaching work for you.

Clearly Define Your Goals
The first thing we need is a broad understanding of what you are trying to achieve. In a general sense, most people fall into four categories; Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Maintain Health & Fitness, and Improve Performance. Defining one of these for yourself is a good starting point as it gives your a coach a 10,000-foot view of the direction you wish to head. While having this information is crucial for creating a foundation it’s not enough to fully leverage the knowledge and care of your coach. Get specific and let them lead you to where you want to go.

The beautiful thing about coaching online is that it allows us to give you exactly what you need.

What are your goals?
Are you limited in space, time, or motivation?
Do you just need someone to check-in and make sure you are staying sane?
What equipment do you have?
Have you established a routine?
Are you eating too much or too little?

Personalized coaching means setting each individual up for what they view as success. So don’t be shy. Be open and honest about what is most important to you right now and we will deliver what you need.

Communicate with Your Coach Regularly
Coaching goes far beyond writing workouts – it’s about connection and communication beyond anything else. It’s okay to shoot your coach a video in the middle of the night of you doing 20 burpees in the kitchen because you all of the sudden feel guilty about the late-night snack you got out of bed for.

I promise that none of my clients have sent me something like this during the shutdown . . .

Aside from being an amazing video to wake up to it is a perfect example of someone realizing they were struggling with some aspect of their health and fitness and reaching out for help. Many of us struggle with accountability in our normal lives, but now the temptation to sit on the couch or snack in the kitchen has increased 10x.

A few weeks in and we can already feel ourselves beginning to drift. We are waking up later and not changing out of our PJ’s (I have a pair of slippers that have been glued to my feet for three weeks straight). We are putting off workouts for later in the day and sometimes not getting them in at all.

Your coach is there to help you push through the resistance. If you are feeling down and out contact them ASAP so they can get you back on track.

None of us are alone and we can connect faster than ever. Use it to your advantage.