Everyone Starts Somewhere

The key is to get started. No matter where you are. No matter how out of shape you think you are. No matter how in shape you think we are. No matter how much you think it will suck. And no matter how nervous you may be. The key is to just START.

The things our members can do now are pretty awesome. But, if you asked them if they could do any of that when they first started, I think they might laugh. Because everyone has had to fight to get to where they are now! That girl you saw on our Instagram lifting 100 pounds; a few months ago, she was only lifting 50 pounds. Oh, and that guy you saw busting out pull-ups; when he first got here he was struggling to do one!

This month, hundreds of people in Pittsburgh will try to change. They’ll pick up running, cut their calories, and buy fitness magazines hoping to end up like the person on the cover. Most people won’t truly start something that can be life changing. Because they are afraid to start. But I promise you, once you start, everything else follows; the weight loss, the strength gains, the confidence, and the new friendships!

So how do YOU get started?

Here at Arsenal were big on coaching – we want you to feel comfortable (well, maybe not too comfortable) with everything that you do. We want you to move well before you start to move fast. Our Fundamentals Course is your introduction to good movement. It’s four classes held over two weeks teaching everything you need to GET STARTED for $200. The next one begins Tuesday, August 4th at 7 PM. Register and bring a friend for free! Tell them, it’s their birthday present or early Christmas gift. Split the cost between the two of you or make them pay for it! It doesn’t matter how you do it, just GET STARTED!

For more details email [email protected] or call us at 412-781-0141. You can also set up a 1-on-1 No Sweat Intro before the Fundamentals Course begins!