CrossFit 101: The Fundamentals

People often come to us with the same concerns;

  • CrossFit looks REALLY hard
  • My friend said CrossFit is dangerous
  • I’ve seen it on TV and it looks super intense
  • I think I need to be in shape before I start

The list can go on and on, but my favorite part of our Fundamentals course is what people say when it’s all over. The same person who told me, “CrossFit looks really hard” is the same person telling me how much fun the workouts are.

That person who told me their friend said it was dangerous? They’re laughing because they’ve learned how safe all of the movements are when taught correctly.

And remember the person who thought the workouts would be too intense? Well, that person has learned that EVERY CrossFit workout can be done at whatever intensity they choose.

Our Fundamentals Course is your introduction to CrossFit, it’s your chance to try something new and see where it takes you. So set your judgments aside and give it a shot with an open mind. You might be amazed at how it can change your life for the better!