‘Eff’ You Golds Gym


This is no shape for a girl. Whaaaaat? Firstly, we are women, thank you. Secondly, what shape IS the right shape for a female? What fruit SHOULD we look like? While I’m asking, what are your opinions with what I can/should do with my body as a woman? Give me one second while I get out my pink Gel Pen and write this down… before I toss that piece of paper in a fire.

Everybody is different. Every body is different. Just like each person’s personality and character is different, our legs, feet, bellies, hips, and noses are different as well. No two booties are the same, trust me, I’ve pinched roughly 88% of them. Some bodies have larger hips. Some have longer torsos or broader shoulders. Some have long legs and some do not. Every body is unique and our uniqueness does not make us flawed. It’s what makes us interesting and beautiful. Embracing what makes you different from everyone else is your own personal superpower. Rock it.

Who defines what a body ‘should’ look like? Is it Gold’s Gym, Kim Kardashian, the media, or Gweneth Paltrow’s Goop patrol? There are certain human characteristics that many of us have in common, but who decided that the ‘best’ body has to look a certain way? You cannot define a body and your body does not define you. Sure, we should all feel good in our bodies, they are where we live; and because you only get one, you should take great care of it physically and emotionally. When you feed your body healthy food and positive thoughts, you feel good. When you feed your body too many bad foods and negative thoughts, you start to feel badly. This being said, you are not your body. You are so much more than that. You have thoughts, opinions, experiences, and hopefully, a sense of humor. You have a personality, people you care about, and things you love to do. You are not an apple, pear, or Brussels sprout shaped body, you are a human being and you are hella awesome.

Words are powerful. We use them to build great empires and also destroy them. Within you, you possess the power to build someone up and make his or her day better. What an amazing gift. Take this gift and give it, as many times a day as you can. We often take communication for granted. We even more often take the little niceties for granted. Sometimes we aren’t aware of how our words with or without intent can affect another. Think back to a time where the words of another have hurt your feelings. I bet you have several instances that you may never forget when one flippant comment crushed your soul and maybe even altered the way you thought about yourself. Choose your words wisely.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the image based media business from feeding us thrice filtered photos of Kimmy K. What we can do is treat each other with respect and recognize that we are people as a whole and not just what we appear to be on the outside. What we can do is have these conversations with each other and teach the next generations how to accept and love without judgment. What we can do is lift each other up and celebrate what makes us different and unique. Truly, that pear is no shape for a girl because it is not a shape, it is a food that we eat to keep our bodies fueled while we fight the good fight and keep kicking major ass-shaped ass.