Carol Gyulia: Break From Routine


I had been working with a personal trainer for several years and felt that I just wasn’t accomplishing what I was after, more muscle definition and strength and less body fat.  I met Brooks when he was training at Club One and he told me about a class he was offering soon.  I was interested because I had read about CrossFit, but never thought that I could do the types of exercises that the articles displayed.  Brooks told me not to worry, that he would work with me and eventually I would be surprised at what I could do.

My first impression of CrossFit was that I would never get anything out of such a short workout!I found that even though the workout time was often less than 20 minutes I was accomplishing a lot.  I noticed that my “love handles” were disappearing and my muscle definition was improving.  I also noticed an improvement in my cardio!

My best experience so far would be when I first made it up the rope climb.  I had very little upper body strength prior to working with Brooks, and I believe that by doing CrossFit for the last year I have changed that.  I never would have made it up that rope before starting this program.  I can’t wait to see what new exercises I will be able to do in the coming year! Bring it on Arsenal Strength!

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