Wednesday, August 16th

Strength: Make sure athletes receive a lift off and have spotters in place if needed. As athletes are getting closer to their max have them begin setting up for Metcon. Perform 1RM Floor Press and compare to Month 3. Remember, elbows in tight, feet planted, press in a straight line/lower to sternum, keep upper back engaged.
Metcon: We are looking for athletes to stay away from grip fatigue with this piece so managing work/rest is going to be crucial. KBS are intended to be light, but break sets up if needed to save grip. Scaling Rope Climb volume is viable option today so encourage your athletes to do so if needed. Athletes should focus on exhaling on the floor with burpees to sustain consistent heart-rate.

Floor Press for load, 1RM:
#1: 1 rep

For time:
3 Rope Climbs
21 Burpees
21 KBS (53, 35)
3 Rope Climbs
15 Burpees
15 KBS
3 Rope Climbs
9 Burpees
Rx+:(Legless Rope Climbs)
L3: (2-2-2 Rope Climbs) (45, 30)
L2: (Bar Pull Ups x 7) (35, 25)
L1: (Ring Rows x 10 reps each round) (15-12-9 Burpees) (35, 25 Russian Swings)