Tuesday, August 15th

Metcon: Athletes should split work so they can rest long enough to maintain consistency. Athletes have free reign to come up with their best strategy to maximize their output. The most high-skill movement here is the double unders so if athletes are spending an excessive amount of time (more than 60s) on completing their work then they need to scale to attempts of singles.
Finisher: This should not take longer than 10:00 resting as needed between sets (no more than 30-45s). Keep your elbows tight to your body on the hammer curls.

AMRAP 22 in teams of 2:
50 Walking Lunges (BW)
200 Meter Run
50 Abmat Sit-ups
200 Meter Run
50 Double Unders
*One person works. Split as needed.
L2: (Double Under Attempts)
L1: (Single Unders x 2)

3 Rounds of:
1a) 12 KB Hammer Curls
1b) 20s Hollow Hold
1c) 15 Wide Elbow Ring Rows