Wednesday, April 12
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Perform 3 Push Press every minute
* Add 10-20lbs every 5min
* Start with 95/65lbs
Perform 3 Push Press every minute
* Add load every 5min

Today’s focus is the Push Press and going as heavy as you can while fatigued. The earlier, lighter sets are there to get some more time under moderate loads, as well as to fatigue you before the heavier sets, which is where you will be tested the most.


Score their highest 3 rep load lifted.
* Add to comments how long it took to get there.

WOD Goal

Today, the goal is to get as close to your 3RM as possible on their last sets. This will take some people 20min, while it will take others all the way up to 30min. It will be a total of 90 reps if they lift all the way to 30min.

Beyond RXD


3 Rounds for reps:
1 min of Back squat (135/95)
1 min rest
1 min of Chest to bar Pull ups
1 min rest
1 min of Power cleans (135/95)
1 min rest

NOTE: Goal is to get as many total reps as possible. Some great numbers to shoot for are 30 on the back squats, 30 on the pull ups, and 20 on the power cleans. Great scores will be able to hold this across all 3 rounds, but shoot for over 200 total reps for a good score


3 Rounds for quality:
25 Hip extensions (25/15)
15 Double KB swing (53/35)

NOTE: Hold a plate for the hip extensions if 25 unweighted reps are not a challenge for you. For the swings, have a KB in each hand, and with a slightly wider stance swing both to eye level simultaneously. These should be difficult, but done as one set, so decrease the weight if you are unable to get the 15 reps in a row.