Tuesday, April 11

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30 – 20 – 10
200m Farmers Carry (50/35lbs)
DB Front Squats
Inverted Ring Row
30 – 20 – 10
200m Farmers Carry
DB Front Squats
Ring Row

Today we wanted to keep the Workout under 15min, with nothing that requires you to hinge at the hip (hip extension). Farmers Carries are great to add load to a workout without really ‘loading’ up the body too much. We like using inverted Ring Rows occasionally because it allows us to add a pulling movement the day after a pulling movement (muscle up) by changing the direction of the pull.


Time to complete the Workout.

WOD Goal

The Farmers Carry and the DB Front Squat are done with the same load. The Carry should feel light-moderate and should be done without putting the dumbbells down. The Front Squats will feel the same. Some people might be able to do each set unbroken, but most will probably break them up once or twice. Scale the load as needed.

Beyond RXD


Front Squat

NOTE: Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Take your time and establish numbers we can reference back to in the coming months. These may be harder than expected from the GHD sit ups yesterday.


For time:
Row (calories)
DB Snatch (70/50 – alternate hands each rep)

NOTE: Goal is go fast and unbroken. Should be a sprint type of effort, where good times on this will be under 5 minutes. If 21 snatches at this DB weight would take longer than 1 minute, scale the weight down. Speed is the important part for this, not the weight.