Thursday, January 12

5min Deadlifts (315/225lbs)
4min Muscle Ups
3min Deadlifts (315/225lbs)
2min Handstand Pushups
1min Deadlifts (315/225lbs)
5min Deadlifts
4min Box Muscle Ups
3min Deadlifts
2min Pike Pushups
1min Deadlifts

A lot of heavy Deadlifting today. 9min to be exact. We love the Gymnastics/Weightlifting Push/Pull combo of this Workout. This is a great opportunity for people to practise getting some Muscle Up volume under your belt. Your intensity might go down for the 4min, but that is ok today.


Total Reps performed. They could either keep a running total, or write down your reps for each timeframe and then add them up at the end.

WOD Goal

The goal is that the Deadlifts are heavy enough that people won’t be able to ‘rep’ them out. You will most likely be restricted to triples or doubles each time you pick it up. No one will be breathing that heavy during the Workout during the Deadlifts, but you will need to stay really focused to keep your body from moving out of position in the Deadlifts.

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